Laurence ALAUX explores the space between abstract and figurative. As a writer uses words to tell a story, Laurence ALAUX make use of Art to reinvent the real, and make it her own. An alternative world, on the border of dream, where what she feels starts being, where what she dreams of, starts living. Laurence true world is not enough. The desired ones are plenty. The ones she has a vision of, when emotion overwhelms her, when such profound feelings disarm her. Only one way then, leave the real vanish. Draw, paint, and sculpt… Do create. As the story to the reader, Laurence Artwork is a trace of her wishes, a witness back from limbo.

How to depict an emotion? Drawing things or persons can be a way. A landscape, a sea view, a human being can ignite emotion. But then what? What when the emotion to be drawn is beyond the human thing? When no word can match, no image will show… Laurence emotions are incredibly invasive… Above the feelings we are used to. Plenty. Differentiated… How for her to explain? How to reveal? Which way to bring others the story of what she feels inside, of such things beyond our side… 

She could have used words. But all the words would not make it. Much too human… She could have tried to keep the flow inside. Not to show, not to share. She couldn’t. The overall was too many. It had to go out of her. She felt an irrepressible and pressing desire to make it real, to shape it, to explain to the world.

Year 1997. Life, breath, overseas, tiring tasks, each day more, questions, impossible to share. Impossible to make it clear. The overseas blue calls her sight. A canvas comes by her hand. With no goal she draws. Time stops. Visions grow. No idea why, no plan how, this will go on. She feels it. No need for teaching. Lines come true. No need for advice. So much to tell… She is 32 years old. There she starts…

Depicting the inside of sea, aquariums, and someway people, grasping for part the real world. Not for long… Rough lines shape the dream. The overall says the most. No need for details which fade away. And the human things, she mirrors, already look different. The shape is now the real. Material is energy. Light illuminates but gets rid of propagation. The evidence is there. Science surrenders. No need for physical laws, no more to be explained. What she offers is not real. Background, atmosphere, earth, ground, lands, sky, sand, stone, each reinvents the same way. Real and true vanish. Leave it to the vision of her dream. The vision enlarges, the dream crystallises. Emotion is revealed, its now ‘ESPACES’, Laurence first gallery. An emptied no sand, no sky, no sea, no beach sea view. Sky and land have merged. A symphony in shades of a single colour is at play:  white, beige, light gray, deep dark. All will make it. Now in his sight the observer is confused. What’s this place? Is that a seaside? That’s not. That’s the deep side of her…

Between 1997 and 2007, Laurence ALAUX will mostly perform… Far from public shows, she seldom attends, escaping the real in her home studio, she spends hundreds of hours on tenths of canvas using all kind of materials: acrylic and oil pigments, sand, cement, plaster, pencil and walnut stain, canvas, paper… Her collection grows. Mostly dedicated to ‘ESPACES’, and for part to naïve human shaped bodies or technical studies. A number of first circle friends and relatives already support her. First Art lovers have joined. 

She wants to go further. But how to live when dreams take over? Confusion grows. Philosophy interferes in. As Art merges with living she looks for a connection. How to make spaces interact, how to switch between emotions? How to globalize, how to go from real to dream and be back?

In 2010, Laurence already received a couple of awards. She partners with a few itinerant trading galleries. She obtains a value report by former ‘Drouot Cotation’. She can live from her Artworks. She develops extensively. Within spaces, lines grow out. In front of them the true world takes place. Archetype and the ‘LIGNES IMPOSEES’ gallery are born. In November 2017, Laurence ALAUX unveils this 194x194x7cm acrylic and Walnut stain structured ‘quadri’ in Bordeaux. A caricatured dark and rigid evocation of the real, squared and tied by geometrical bars connected to a faraway, appealing, de humanized, dream space. In between, a white light spurs out handling the black side in force, and prevent expansion, offering a passage. The way to touch her dream from the real is opened setting the rules she will navigate in… Laurence will now develop interactions, human influences and simultaneity. For her, spaces do fight each other, and exist at the same time as well as the passages to the real. A universe like model, expanding and contracting.    

December 2017, Laurence Artworks are offered for public exhibition in Paris, rue de Seine. 100 square meters in Etienne de Causans Gallery. For the first time, more than 20 of her Artworks, including the second issue of Archetype (le deuxieme sens) are showed off in white, spaced, lightened, museum like conditions. People feedback is exciting and presses her to the next steps: Interactions. She will now use metallic oxides to reveal forces and show how time influences the whole thing. She will also start combining spaces to reveal the dynamic of their simultaneity. February 2019 in Toulouse: Half of her booth unveils the ‘PASSAGES et PROPAGATION’ gallery. The public eye is now a great empowering driver. The Art lovers base grows, intensively. 

Beside paintings and its intrinsic growing, Laurence explores human corps searching for a way to disembody and relieve pure emotions and reinstall it in spaces. She starts developing sculpture works looking for 3D, volumes, and as for paintings, substantial emotion getting rid of lines and body constraints to only address immaculate pure feelings prefiguring the HUMANITES gallery…

June 2020. For 2 months, the 300 square meters of the Biarritz main town exhibition center (Crypte Sainte Eugénie) are dedicated to Laurence first major museum exhibition: ALTERNANCES co-curated with Didier Arnaudet and Benoit Maire. Objects made up in structured assembly, realistic by its very existence but abstract since modelled and with no functional reality or destination of use. Sea view photographies in chromatic harmony facing non-figurative inspired abstract representations. Association of canvases and works correlated in emotional resonance but detached from their conceptual reality… Around fifty paintings organized in aesthetic islands, in a simple and complex joust between realistic abstraction and abstract realism. Carried by the structure and the very essence of the works, by contradictory visual relays, in an open path that invites the mind to question what is real and what is not, and on the modalities of passage between reality and fiction whether imagined or felt. Accessible, anchored in the Basque country, vector of emotion and distant perspective of painting, ALTERNANCES is beyond its lyrical foundations and the matrix that underlies the artistic work (imposed lines) and organizes the space between the two poles of existence: desire and reality. An invitation to share the meanders of her emotions beyond concepts and formal reason in an improbable plea that would reconcile the expression of contemporary art with the common conception of aesthetic theories, a great and booming event which will definitely powerfully ignite Laurence art and feelings and her relationship with Artlovers and academic organisation.

September 2021, inducing human emotions and figures is now overwhelmed by a larger desire to explore movements, cinetic and life. The HUMANITES gallery steps forward and becomes FIGURES et MOUVEMENTS awaiting for the full corpus of the search, and especially the probably to come complete collection of ceramics dedicated to life and women being. The journey continues…

(…) … Le trait s’est impose, il est passerelle et guide, conscience et ambition. Il vient toucher mes rêves, il les croise, les confond. Il déplace les espaces. Ils se plient à ses régles. L’art est un privilege… (…)

Laurence ALAUX


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