We believe Artwork is a matter of emotion. From the very start, Laurence ALAUX has searched for direct contact with those, you, whoever, that would come by her works, stop, stand, look and then stare, sometimes escape their present quite a long time and then come to her and talk. About what they’ve seen… For Laurence that’s a gift. A unique chance to get a message back from those, unknowns, but in a certain way so close, due to what they share, a message about her work. Each Artwork is unique and is the only connector to one vision she had at a time. And that’s why, discussing it, sharing, is truly, all about her deep, profound, emotion.

Most of the time an artist works alone, and faces what he creates, lonely, remotely, passionately. Then comes the exhibition. That’s the great time… Desired and feared. When he gets in touch with the outside, with others. But then what? How many such opportunities to share in a year? More and more we like to see, but not much in fact, and something misses. For this reason, we went to the idea that, this sharing shall be done differently. That we had to get and keep connected with those people, lovers, dreamers, watchers, whoever, via a rich interface, where any of them, those people she shares with, would have an easy link and opened contact to her work, would be offered a simple way to talk, contribute, comment, or just enjoy.

That’s what it is and nothing more. Laurence ALAUX Art Lovers community is a single Facebook account platform where a number of contacts share with her. You, as a contact would knock at the door; we would open it to you and let you access latest works, agenda, feedbacks from expositions and more. If you do feel like staying connected as we do, just open your Facebook account and send us an invitation.

Looking forward to welcoming you,

Laurence ALAUX